Under Your Feet #02 – Water

Yorkshire Water

This is Yorkshire. Yorkshire Water look after our Yorkshire water. Here is a cover that you might think hides a Sluice Valve operated by Yorkshire Water.

Think again!

Notice how much wear this piece of iron has taken in the thousands of years of service it has given as the secret portal to another dimension – one that lies beneath!

Cunningly hidden for sure, but notice how we have a clue to the real nature of this innocent seeming iron cover – YWW actually stands for Yorkshire Wizard World!

Consider what will happen as I rip open this doorway to find … hold on a second – it’s stuck.

Or locked from the inside!!!

Hah! They don’t want us to find their secrets! They cannot survive the light of honest enquiry that we would pour into their … ah, I think I’ve got it. Just needed a bit of a wiggle.

Prepare to be blasted by this new knowledge!


More spiders!!

Ah well, onwards, ever onwards – I think I can see another one just up the road.

Follow me.


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