Under Your Feet #05 – Adams Hydraulics

Adams Hydraulics

Looks like this one has seen some wear. Many feet must have tramped over this cast iron cover to have worn it down so much. And yes – it must have been feet – this one is in the middle of a pavement.

Adams Hydraulics is still in existence here in York. They are a “market-leading, global organisation dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative products for the water and wastewater markets.” Which means, I guess, that what lies beneath here is a sewer!

You know, I’d love to have a trip down a sewer! I mean, I know some of them are going to be smelly and dirty, and there’s a good chance that rats and alligators will be living there, but I’ve never been down one. I’ve seen them in movies, but not in real life!

I’m not saying that sewers are alternate dimensions, but someone told me today (hi Joss) that there are Mole People living in the sewers, and who am I to disagree!

So, yeah – that’s a whole different world right there.


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