Numb Fingertips

Yeah, that (absence of) feeling in fingertips means I’ve taken up the guitar again. It also that I’m more serious about the guitar this time, because I’ve never had numb tips before.

Or maybe I’ve never had that numbness before because I’ve been playing, on and off, since I was about sixteen and I’ve just had about two years off – the longest break since I began.

I was going to tell you why I started playing, what it did to the length of my fingernails, who noticed that length and why I stopped for two years, but I’m feeling boring right now and I’m imagining to myself that everything I say will be boring.

So, not wanting to bore and potentially alienate you with my tat, here’s something completely different:

She turns
My head.
You sigh.
I’m dead.

I scream.
You howl.
You feel
I’m foul.

We fight.
You win.
I’m in
Your bin.

I’m down.
You’re up.
I burn
We’re schtupped.

And if you want to listen to a recording of this post, featuring my own voice, then look no further than Numb Fingertips – The Soundtrack.

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