Under Your Feet #06 – BT


BT used to stand for British Telecom, but it doesn’t really have to any more – because … well, because everybody in the UK know what it is, and everybody outside the UK possibly couldn’t really care less. Maybe.

Anyway – they own a lot of holes – and this is one of them.

When you talk about magical kingdoms and alternate dimensions – this is about the nearest that you’re going to get.

With only a small stretch of the imagination, you could see the internet as being a whole different place. It’s a properly virtual dimension – a place where the normal rules of reality can be suspended. A region where you can be anyone or anything you want. A truly meta-sensational realm!

So, now you know that – who do you want to be today?

And it’s down the rabbit hole we go …

22 thoughts on “Under Your Feet #06 – BT

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