My Evening W20170705

Just trying to dig a particularly tenacious bogie out of my nose as I mentally review my evening. Okay, got it. Just a dry one so nothing to worry about.

Dinner (what I used to call tea before I was enlightened by a higher being) consisted mostly of leftovers. Flaky pastry pie, stir fry, boiled then roasted potatoes and a tart red sauce. The spuds were the best bit because they had been accidentally double salted. Yum! Pudding came much, much later in the form of apple crumble with oat cream (part of a vegan kick I’m on). I usually have a big, fat (navel) orange after washing the dishes, but for some reason I forgot today.

I’m reading a book called Loving What Is by Byron Katie at the moment and it’s getting rather intense. The basic premise is that reality is what is and any thought you have that is in any way different to reality will cause you all kinds of unhappiness – so just go with the flow. It’s actually not as hippyish as I made it sound because it makes a lot of sense not to try to change things you really have no control over, which means pretty much anything apart from your own thoughts (and even these aren’t even under your direct control). Was feeling sleepy and so was not able to concentrate on the book very well.

So I picked up the guitar instead. I’m working my way through a book learning new techniques whilst toughening up my finger tips at the same time. Today’s songs were Zombie by The Cranberries and Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead (who are headlining in Glasgow on Friday at the Trnsmsn (did I get that right) Festival. Anyways, both songs are laughably easy to play, including the miniscule solos, so that wasn’t much of a challenge. My fingers no longer feel like they are on fire, as they have since I picked up the guitar after a three year absence on Sunday gone.

I tried to find something to watch on the increasingly useless Amazon Prime, but nothing leapt out at me. Lesbian Vampire Killers was the most alluring, so you can tell from that how dire the selection was. I might have to start watching one of the series on offer. American Gods looks quite interesting.

I did a bit of blogging. To me this means answering any comments flung in my direction, reading and liking some posts, checking how the stats are looking and thinking about what I should post this time. Luckily, Magarisa put me on to this subject – otherwise it would have been a whole post about that particularly tenacious bogie. And what good would that have done the world!

Goodnight, y’all – catch you in the morning.

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