I set down my mug with so much pride.

This is the best place for my drink – the same place I put it yesterday, the day before that and all the other yesterdays. It’s safe there because I know where it is. I won’t bother it there.

Then I sat down at the table.

As I eased myself in, one of my knees hit the table quite hard. The force of it made everything in the surface wobble, including the mug, which slopped hot liquid onto everything around it.

While I busied myself mopping up the hot liquid, my cornflakes going soggy in front of me, I thought about the saying ‘pride goes before a fall’.

5 thoughts on “Pride

    • … and I realised how chock-full of pride I am and how I had just never noticed it before. It’s like an invisible skin on me. Now do I shed layers that I don’t even know exist?


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