Scaring People Off

When I was younger than I am today, I used to visit a local art gallery run by a charming lady by the name of Karen and …

Ah, wait a mo, this might be embarrassing – let me check if she’s still there …

Oh. She is. I found her website:

I’ll not share my anecdote then.

Okay – laters.

Jane Adams Seagull Heads


27 thoughts on “Scaring People Off

  1. Hi Robert, starting to pick up reading other Beautiful Souls blogs and websites again.
    How was your holiday over here in Europe? Did you wrote a post about it?
    Hope all is well, big hug, XxX

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    • Hi Patty!!! I missed you.
      All is well and big, big hugs to you too, my friend.
      Yes, I wrote loads of stuff about Europe. Melancholy poetry, existentially angstous prose, some photography, a review of the Retreat I went on and … well, all sorts of stuff. On one day alone (the day I came from the Swiss Alps where I did not get any signal whatsoever) I posted sixteen pieces from my notebook!
      How are things with you, Patty – are you okay?
      More hugs,

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