Watching Him Watching Her

You can learn a lot from watching people. And you can learn even more from watching people who are watching people – particularly when they notice that you are watching them.

I noticed a young woman walking down the street yesterday. I’d seen her before and had noticed that she has a noticeable bottom (stay with me now). Then I noticed that a guy was walking behind the girl.

When he noticed that I had noticed that he had noticed the young lady’s bottom and was continuing to notice it as he followed her down the street, he put an interesting expression on his face. I interpreted it as a mixture of self consciousness, embarrassment and shame, but in fact it could just have been wind and sun-burn.

Today I noticed another young lady who had another (obviously, unless it’s possible to share detachable bottoms) noticeable bottom (yeah, I know – but stick with me – there is a point to all this). Walking behind her was another guy. I thought that he had noticed the girl’s bottom so I sped up a little to see what expression he had on his face.

As I drew alongside he noticed me watching him and he turned and smiled at me and then a second later said hello. I said hi back and then put my head down and hurried on.

The thoughts I had, when he noticed me, were … interesting. I didn’t want to be noticed in this way. I wanted to be the observer without being observed. I wanted to be in charge of the event. I felt flustered, disempowered and obscurely ashamed. I felt as if I had been caught with my hand in the wrong cookie jar.

These two episodes have led me to the realisation that other people might not welcome my attention on their faces and bottoms.

But do some people want to be noticed? And how can one tell who they are?


78 thoughts on “Watching Him Watching Her

    • Ah, Truly – you have a way of warming my heart. Have you ever considered jellifying yourself and making yourself available to the public in cute little jars?
      Or am I getting you confused with marmalade!
      Either way – you’re a wholesome bundle of goodness and I’m glad you’re in my life. 🙂
      Kindness – Robert.

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  1. I’m not sure what I’m enjoying more, your blog or your comments to the comments on your blog. Either way, quite amusing!
    People watching is a skill and a habit forming one at that. I prefer the kind where I don’t get caught watching because it usually changes the behavior I was so enjoying watching. But when I do get caught I like to exaggerate my response.. either a thumbs up, a scolding finger wag, or a grin that leaves them wondering if I’m laughing at them or with them !
    At times I get paranoid about who might be watching my weirdness so I try to act normal , which can only be maintained for a few minutes before I blow my own cover.
    Speaking of which, my comment is turning into a full blown blog itself!

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