Do Not Read This

Please do not View this post, and certainly don’t hit the Like button. If you can’t restrain yourself from doing those things – for sure don’t leave a Comment! And even if you do manage not to manage that – do not, on any account, Follow this blog or Repost anything you find here!!

Today is looking like it is in danger of becoming a Record Breaking Day. Viewing levels are just shy of the highest daily total achieved since this blog began. If you can’t manage to hold yourself back, your activity could push the blog over the edge!

I’m not sure that I could bear the excitement. I’m not naturally inclined towards too much jollity and fun and, well – imagine the scene if you made me happy! It’d be a tragedy – right?

So, if you are reading this – back away slowly – I’m a man on the edge. Any sudden movements and my poise is done for. Easy now …

Thanks for your kind consideration.


95 thoughts on “Do Not Read This

  1. That was awesome reverse psychology!
    With you saying not to do all those things instantly make wanna keep reading and makes your post funny and cool😊


    • The reverse psychology seems to be working a treat – 302 views today (and rising) when the previous best was 244!
      Yeah – it works with partners too – I can vouch for that. Tell him not to cook dinner and he’ll be all over it! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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