How Not to Catch a Cold

I was told the other day that if I didn’t change my t-shirt – the one that had gotten slightly damp in the rain, that I would get a cold. I demurred. Not because I am particularly obstinate (although I am) but because I don’t believe that damp clothing can ‘give me a cold’.

As far as I know, cold is caused by some kind of a virus.

I believe that we all have this virus inside us. It’s called the ‘common cold’ so it stands to reason that it must be a common virus, right? So, this virus is in us all and it doesn’t cause us a problem … unless the immune system is weak. And usually this wonderful system is strong. Strong enough to defend the body from the small amounts of the virus that float around inside it. Strong enough to prevent it from getting out of control.

It’s like each virus is a zombie. If you keep culling them, they don’t cause a problem. But when your defences stop dealing with those flesh-eating monsters, they remain free to bite people, which then makes more zombies that (not who) bite other people; and eventually the zombies take over.

So, stepping away from the analogy back to the body – that’s when you get a cold.

Some people might feel inclined to let a damp t-shirt undermine their immune system so that they ‘catch a cold’, but not me. I decided not to. I actively decided that slightly damp clothing and a strong immune system can co-exist.

And, guess what! I didn’t get a cold. Yay!

Here’s the best bit: deciding can work for other things too. Decide to have a good day, decide to be productive, decide to be happy, decide that decisions can improve your life in all sorts of ways. It really does work. My sniffle-free nose is just one piece of evidence, but you can make your own proofs very easily. Just try it.

So – what are you going to decide today?


56 thoughts on “How Not to Catch a Cold

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