My Evening F20170707

This evening I ate a bunny, which sounds strange considering that I am a vegetarian verging on being a vegan. But no, don’t worry – it was not cute and furry – it was soft and sweet.

Cookies are crunchy and buns are soft. The cookies I made the other day were soft – like thin buns, hence I call them bunnies – geddit? Whilst watching a movie – I ate a bunny.

The movie was called Fair Game. It featured the acting talents of Naomi Watts and Sean Penn and was … well, I wouldn’t say that it was exactly dire, but it really wasn’t the kind of film I would normally watch. Hardly any action (I mean, like, people running around screaming), little cohesion, and no jokes whatsoever.

There was no guitar practice today – just wasn’t time really. Well, I suppose there was, but I chose to do other stuff instead – like eat, do a crossword puzzle, wash the dishes and watch this movie.

How do I feel at the end of the day? Well, work was kinda interesting and relatively fulfilling. I started to write a VBA macro that will iterate over a data set and produce 7,000 graphs (charts) automatically – a job that would have taken a real person several weeks, if they were to work at a steady pace, and not take toilet breaks, or eat, or sleep. So it’s going to be quite a time saver. I actually feel like going into work overΒ the weekend so that I can finish it. But don’t worry – I’ll try to restrain myself.

Apart from that – just a normal Friday.

Bedtime now.



56 thoughts on “My Evening F20170707

  1. You just ate one bunny? Good self-control (unless it was massive).
    Haven’t done a crossword puzzle in ages. Do you do Sudoku?
    It’s gonna be SO hot back home tonight. A cold shower before bed works to a certain extent, but it’s not that pleasant.
    Good night, Robert.

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