Steven Wilson

Steven WilsonMy flatmate, Debadrita, wanted to eat me. Don’t worry, it was just a zombie phase she was going through. I think she’s over that now. I hope.

On another note, she’s a big Steven Wilson fan. Got to confess I’d never heard of him before she mentioned his name – I’m more into Little Mix than darkly progressive rock. But I listened. And he’s okay. I mean, not that I would go wild. But he’s passable.

Anyway, I called him the other day and told him that his biggest fan is actually living in Kolkata and he said really? and I said yes, and he said by golly, that’s wonderful – I’ll pop over and pay her a visit and I said …

Nah, sorry. None of that happened. But I thought about it. I mean – he has endless routes into himself – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube (which started playing automatically when I went there, and scared the living bejesus out of me), so it would be easy enough.

But … you know … there are sandwiches to eat and 7,000 graphs to produce with VBA, and the English Summer to enjoy before it all goes away again.

So … I might just not have time.

Hey-ho. Life!


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