Money and Happiness

Once upon a weekend time
There lived a mouse inside a rhyme.
He didn’t like to run and roam
And so he mostly stayed at home.

One day there came a rat-tat-tat
Upon his door – as smart as that,
And when he opened up that door,
He found a gold piece on the floor.

The coin was huge and he was small.
To pick it up required his all.
And as he stood, it all went black.
It crushed his skull and broke his back.

The moral of this sorry tale
Is that – at home, you might be hale,
But if by chance you turn out rich,
Don’t jump for joy – ’cause life’s a bitch.

(This is a nursery rhyme forΒ C WhiteΒ as promised on my post:Β Challenge.)


46 thoughts on “Money and Happiness

  1. This is really good, although I’m sure death is not a popular theme in nursery rhymes… On that note, if you ever find yourself unemployed, don’t turn to nursery rhymes. No parents wants their 4 year old saying “life is a bitch” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€

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    • I wonder if I could do anything to tone it down … what rhymes with bitch?
      blitch, britch, britsch, chich, chiche, clich, crich, ditch, ditsch, fiche, fitch, fitche, flitch, fritch, fritsch, fritsche, fritzsche, glitch, gritch, hitch, ich, itch, kiche, kitch, kitsch, klich, knitch, krych, lich, liche, mich, miche, mitch, mitsch, nichd, niche, nitsch, nitsche, nycz, piche, pitch, pitsch, pritch, quich, quitch, riche, richs, ritch, scritch, sitch, skitch, smitch, snitch, stich, stitch, strich, switch, titch, trich, trich-, triche, tritch, tritsch, twitch, which, wicce, wich, wiche, witch, zich …

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