My Evening S20170709

Having written about my evenings a few times now, I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that I need to get out more. A lot more. I mean – it’s the same thing night after night – I eat, I read, I write, I play the guitar – what a life!

This evening was a little different because a friend came around to share a meal. Chatting, eating, chatting, eating, sitting, chatting – that sort of thing. Birthday meal – not for me – enough said.

It’s going dark now and I haven’t put the electric light on yet. The only source of illumination is this screen. Ghostly hands jumping up and down on the keyboard like strange spiders. A pressure at the base of my abdomen that I need to attend to. Hold yourself there – I’ll be back in a moment.

Phew – that’s better. The hammock has been taken down, the patio door closed and locked and, most importantly, the light is now on. Phantoms fade into the walls.

I read a really good book this weekend – Girl In Translation by Jean Kwok. It’s a mesmerising coming of age story with a stranger in a strange land theme. Eleven-year-old Kimberly Chang arrives in New York with her ma and begins the process of learning about the oddness of American culture. I literally could not put it down and would recommend that you buy a copy and read it immediately. Just found out that it was a New York Times bestseller. Not surprised.

I have smelly wind. Not sure why.



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