Half Asleep Thoughts #10

I lost one. I woke up in the small hours with this brilliant thought – something that I was going to write about at scintillating length. Something both you and me would have loved to get our minds around.

As I fell back into a comfortable slumber, I was sure that I would remember it. I was certain that it would be with me when I woke again. But, when I surfaced this morning – my hands were empty. Like a slippery fish, the idea had slithered through my mental fingers and was gone.

So this is a memorial for the one that got away. Swim well, little thought. May we meet again.

13 thoughts on “Half Asleep Thoughts #10

      • I get up at strange hours to write semi-lucid thoughts down so that I can post them to my blog. I read while I’m walking down the lane so that I don’t have to meet anyone’s eye. And yes – I have an over-obsessed predilection for butts. Normal? Well, okay – sure.


      • I roam in the school with my sketchbook and draw people’s hair. I act all day and all night so that my friends don’t get to know this part of me. I sometimes skip sleep. Sometimes I feel so depressed that I start blaming mom for small things…. Normal? Why not

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      • I would just call that growing-up and finding your way through hormones, changes, new situations, boys, teenage angst, wanting and sugar fever. Seriously – you sound just like a normal person. Try quitting sugary things for ten days and three quarters of the depression you feel will life by magic. It took me until in was 25 to find that one. Wish someone had told me ten years earlier.

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  1. Oh this happens to me so often! I’ve learned to jot them down in the notes section of my phone. Of course then I’m usually wide awake by the time I’m done and can’t sleep the rest of the night! Lol…. 😉

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