My Evening M20170710

Criminal Minds were on my mind for most of the evening. Two episodes. Luckily, they were quite engaging, because otherwise, I tend to fall asleep half way through and then wake up at the end wondering what it was all about. It’s usually about the same thing, though – so not to worry.

I had the sweetest strawberries I have ever tasted in my life whilst watching this show, courtesy of Marks & Sparks. The ‘Swedish Glace Soy Smooth Vanilla Dairy Free Ice Cream’ probably helped too. It was all so very, very yum!

What else, what else? Well, there was dinner – vegetable rice with a big, fat, hairy salad. That was nice. The veg rice is not always my favourite thing in the world – but it fills a gap – you know? Whilst eating, there is a crossword. This is going to save my brain from turning to mush in my old age. Yay for crosswords. Yah boo sucks for mushy brains.

Had a really good day at work, and so I feel like I deserve the rest I got this evening. Actually, when I think about it – I feel better from having done the good work than I did from having a lazy evening. Maybe I should take that into account tomorrow evening and paint the bathroom or something. Or perhaps I could get that light switch working in the toilet. Hmm – what a super idea!

Going to go to bed in a few minutes now, but I might see if I can sneak in a few minutes under the covers with a torch (aka the Flashlight app on my phone) and a good book. I’m reading The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan right now. I picked it up mainly on the strength of a Ted Talk by Amy in which she was rather funny. Her humour may have been a one-off for the talk because the book doesn’t really have the same feel.

Anyhoo – must go. I’m going to do the usual 10 minutes meditation before I get under the covers.



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