Funny Mood

I’m in a funny mood today.

I’m listening to a lot of music and it’s making me want to make music of my own. I want to do more than I am doing. I want to have things that I don’t have. If I don’t get them then I’ll probably not be happy. I want to do tomorrow’s thing today. Should I do it?

Steve Davis – six-times snooker world title winner, will be 60 next month (22nd Aug 2017). I’ve no idea why his name popped into my head today, but when it did, I searched for him on the internet. He retired from snooker last year and is now a DJ for Phoenix FM where he does a weekly show.

I listened to his previous broadcast and, apart from knowing not one single song or artist, it’s an interesting blend of chat and music. His back catalogue is hosted on a platform called Mixcloud. I’d never heard of this before and so, encouraged by the word FREE, I signed up for an account.

It’s my honest intention to record stuff and put it on my Mixcloud Account and share it with the world. But I’ve had this intention before and I only recorded one show called Comedy. Please help me get back into the habit by harassing me. But only until I say stop hassling me!

See – told you I was in a funny mood.

28 thoughts on “Funny Mood

  1. Make music, so that I can say, “I knew that guy when he was just a humble (ha ha) blogger and writer” and then I can go to your big-venue concert, and say “Remember me?” and you’ll be like “Security, there’s a crazy chick waiting outside my tour bus who reads too much Jung and believes in synchronicity and lucid dreaming. Do something.”

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