Back to School

Some say that your schooldays are the best days of your life, but have you ever noticed that the only people who say that are those who have left school?

Here’s an idea – make those people go back into secondary education.

Think about it – there are lots of advantages to people going back to school:

  • It’d stop them whinging on about their best years being behind them
  • They’d learn how to do something rather than just whinge (see above)
  • The world would be a lot tidier without whingers littering the streets.

Although it sounds like I’m joking (that’s not like me, right?), I do think that school should be opened up to all ages. It would give the old and the young more chance to interact and learn about each other without that nasty distinction between student and teacher. Oldies and youngsters would be equal (and nice).

I know old folk can go to college and university, but that’s different because they tend to want you concentrate on something specifical. I was thinking that a more general (re-)education would be better.

Plus – it’d be fun.

So yeah – state-sponsored education for oldies – put your hands up if you agree.

40 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. thats actually a pretty refreshing idea. I mean once and for all the whining about “our school days” and “those good days” would end. Two completely different spending time together would be healthier for progress to as it would allow the less updated generation to get an overview of how things are taught these days. Also the whole “I was better in studies when I was your age” thing could be dealt eye to eye now!

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