Chinese Food is English

Robert: So, I’m going to ask you a weird question now, are you ready?

Girl in Chinese Takeaway: I get boss.

Boss: How can I help you?

Robert: I have a friend who tells me that the food cooked in Chinese Takeaways is not the same as that cooked in China. Is it possible for you to cook me a meal that is like one a Chinese person would eat.

Boss: No.

Robert: Oh, okay. I’ll have vegetables in a curry sauce, vegetable rice and some spring rolls then.

Boss: Six pounds fifty, please.

Robert: Ta.



31 thoughts on “Chinese Food is English

  1. Even Chinese food here is Indian. It is nothing like real Chinese. Actually, the Chinese people cook without much spices and stuff and their food is not that tasty. We just have taken the tradition and made it our own way.

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  2. I ate real Chinese food in Florida and I couldn’t stand the smell of raw non veg. But what we get here in India is more Indian than Chinese.we got a huge Chinese community here, btw.

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