Life is Slippery

Don’t depend on material things in life to support you. In particular don’t depend on slippery stuff, like soapy hands in the bath or sudsy feet in the shower.

In general – everything is slippery. Life is slippery.

Buddha said something like that, and I don’t think I fully believed it at the time. I mean – when I read it, not when he said it.

But now I do.

I fell in the bath a while back, and it haunts me every time I’m there. I think to myself, don’t rely on things to support you and I centre myself on my feet.

Then I marvel at how well, and for how long, my feet have carried me around. How much longer!

This leads me to think about the bathroom floor and the beams and joists (yeah, don’t worry – I have no idea what a joist is either) that i blithely walk upon and blindly trust.

Then there are the ants burrowing under the foundations of the house – how soon before they dig enough earth out for it all to collapse into a heap of rubble?

Which leads me to think about fracking and whether it will eventually lead to the whole of the British Isles sinking under the waves.

I mean, I could then start thinking about a huge alien thumb plunging into the mantle of the earth and peeling it from its core, like the planet is some kind of an alien’s fruit, and then sucking out the magma as a refreshing snack, but c’mon – I’m not that crazy!

But still – you would be wise to depend on something beyond things for your happiness. You never know what could happen!

22 thoughts on “Life is Slippery

  1. I like the way you put a new spin (with your personal, eccentric signature) on ancient wisdom. I agree wholeheartedly that we should depend on something other than things for our happiness. (Wait, isn’t ‘something’ also a thing? Hmm …) But tell me, Sensei, as physical beings in the physical realm, how do we stay happy when our physical needs aren’t​ being met? Can we still be happy if we’re thirsty, with no water for miles around us? (No need to answer … just wondering out loud.)

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