My Evening T20170713

I can’t stand sleeping in the daytime – even if that snooze is in the evening. I just wake up grumpy and then I continue to feel frumpy until it’s time for bed. That’s what happened just now. I let myself fall asleep and now I feel … well, you know how I feel.

I never want a good thing to end, so I prolong it and stretch it out, and before I know it, it’s minutes past midnight and I still haven’t put down the book or closed the laptop lid. Six thirty is my getting up time, so you probably understand what I mean.

Before I fell asleep I had a perfectly lovely meal of chickpeas and potato in a curry sauce on a bed of rice. There’s a fancy name for the dish but it slips my mind. It was followed by a bit of a crossword and a bit of reading and a bit of sleep.

After I woke up I had some icy grapes. They were perfectly lovely too. I think I’ll have a nice cup of tea when I’ve finished writing.

Have you ever noticed that words fall into predictable patterns?Β Writing a piece like this is not that much different from writing a song. It’s all about repeating phrases and themes.

  • Look at how I
    • described falling asleep
    • told you happened before,
    • then wrote about what happened after.
  • See how I had food before and then food afterwards.
  • Watch how I began the piece with a summary refrain.
  • Notice how I will finish the piece with a balancing concluding coda.

All these things together produce a kind of a harmony that pleases the mind of the reader. It persuades them that they have read something satisfying and complete within itself.

Of course, I just made all that stuff up. But I hope it’s true all the same. I hope you’ll finish reading this and be leftΒ with the mental equivalent of having consumed a satisfying meal.

So there you have it – an evening of eating swirling around a small sleep, like a tornado twisting around the eye of a storm, or a dish of tomato soup with a blob of cream on the top being stirred around and around and around.

May you have the sense to extract what nourishment you can from my sanities without being affected by the inevitable accompanying inanities.



39 thoughts on “My Evening T20170713

  1. Wow. I can’t tell you as a former writing teacher how rare it is to see an author use metacognition in an essay to ironically comment on how it was put together. That is an indicator of truly great writing. I am looking forward to so much more from you.

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  2. Icy grapes – the kind for making ice wine?
    I know what you mean about taking a nap during the day. Like you, I always feel ‘frumpy’ afterwards.
    Enjoy your cuppa, and good night. πŸ’€

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