My Evening F20170714

Desperately tired.

6-7 Reading and blogging
7-8 Eating and washing up
8-9 Sulking and moping around
9-10 Mooching and watching a movie
10-11 Watching a movie and eating snacks
11-12 Finishing up a movie as I’m falling asleep.

And that’s it, folks – that’s as exciting as a Friday night gets for me.

I mean – there’s lots going on inside my head too, but you think I can give that for free?


49 thoughts on “My Evening F20170714

  1. Morning Robert. Here are my disturbances till Thursday: yfdsdfchijjbcxsasxgghipjngcsadvvhijbcxesfgbjikonnvcxssdhbjiokbvcxssdvjijjhvfddssrfbbjikkkbbvcfcdcccvjjbjjbvcfdwwfvvjiohvvddsfyujjbvdhjkkpkhgfdssfcvjjihhfssscvjiikhhbcdsfvvnkotedccvhjjjbggiiiohgfsdvvbjiphgfdesccbbnjjugdssfcvbbjioojj

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