Creatures Within

I hate that I might become hateful
I fear to reveal the fearful side of me
I am indifferent to my indifference
I’m rather habituated to habituation
I’ve seen boredom and it bores me
Avert from aversion is my battle cry
I’m disgusted whenever I feel disgust
And revolted by feelings of revulsion
I always fear to have fearful feelings
I’m anxious that anxiety will hold me
I dread the dread that sneaks inside
Any kind of anger makes me angry
I rage against the rage that burns me
I’m so sorry when sorrow takes hold
I grieve sorely when I hold onto grief
I’m frustrated by frustration’s grasp
Disappointment just disappoints me
I am discontented by discontentment
I feel so restless with my restlessness
I’m proud that I have traces of pride
Avarice makes me want more avarice
Greedy, greedy, greedy give me greed
I’m a real miser with my miserliness
I envy the envious streak in myself
I’m excessively jealous of my jealousy
My cruelty make me cruel to my cruelty.

But I purely love that there is love within me, for the creatures in my depths.

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