Love Me Like You Do

Those people who write the books you read, and make the movies you watch – none of them love you like I do. Think about it – have they ever told you so?

I, on the other hand, love you guys!

Wuv Graphic

So there!

I love you because you are interesting and kind, entertaining and lively, sweet and determined.

You Read my posts, you click the Like buttons, you Follow me and you cheer me up when I feel down.

Thanks so very, very much for your support.

Kindness – Robert.


25 thoughts on “Love Me Like You Do

  1. you’re a peach
    What you say someone, either sarcastically or sincerely, to say “thanks,” or “you’re very kind.”
    Emma: “Here, I got you a soda too.”
    Mike: “Thanks. You’re a peach.”


    Jordan: “OK, I’ll stop calling you butt-face in front of your boyfriend.”
    Maia: “Thanks, Jordan. You’re a real peach.”

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