My Evening T20170718

If I were a person watching over my shoulder, then I would be really cramped right now because the only thing behind me is a wall. But, say that I was I really slim person watching myself from behind, I would be thinking golly, Robert, you really do need to get a life!

I finished work at 3:55pm and set off to walk, in the sun, to one of the suburbs of York – between the inner ring-road and the outer ring-road. My first destination was going to close at 4:30pm and so I needed to hustle.

Students walk this route. They tend to dress in less than other people. I guess the sun and the freedom made them like this. There can never be enough students.

So anyway – I got to the shop and I bought three books for one English pound. A small piece of metal for three large chunks of paper – what a bargain!

I walked onward to the library. Actually, they’re not called Libraries anymore, they’re called Explore … places. I found this really neat way to reach it – down a cycle path that took me right to the back gate. There, I picked up a book – Saga, Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan.

Once I had that in the bag, and I’d fought down the urge to seal a plastic cup of water from a small child, I sat down at one of the Library Explore computers and wrote a nonsense poem really, really quickly. I finished and posted it seconds before the PC shut down because it was closing time.

Then I walked some more in the sun to get to a supermarket where I bought Nakd bars, frozen ginger and a bottle of cold, sparkling water.

Then I walked in the sun some more, readingLess Than Zero (by Bret Easton Ellis) and drinking water until I got home.

Then I had dinner.

Then I opened an email from the Open University (OU) that told me that the results were in for the first year of the Masters in Creative Writing. So I logged on to the OU site to find out that I had failed the course by one percentage point. I have the option to resubmit, so it’s not really that bad. Still – I feel like it’s bad because I’ve never failed anything. I just don’t fail. Anyway – I do now.

Then I washed up the dinner plates and pans and knives and forks and spoons and baking trays and stuff.

Then I tried to read more of that book but kept falling asleep. So when the light finally gave out, I went upstairs for this laptop, brought it back down, positioned myself with the wall at my back, and I started typing this.

Then, at around about the end of this sentence, I finished typing this.


23 thoughts on “My Evening T20170718

  1. Aaw, just one! I’m sorry to hear that! You’re pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing. That is awesome!
    Soon, you’ll write like Author Robert, on top of the radio voice. Whole package, I tell you 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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