Shh – I’m Sleeping

I’ve discovered a lovely little feature on WordPress that I’m going to tell you about just now.

Here’s the thing – I’m asleep right now, and I have been for several hours. I know – it shows on your screen that I only posted this a few minutes ago – so how did I do it?

Nope – I’m not a sleepwalker. Nor am I an Astral Traveller. All I did was Schedule my post!

You don’t have to worry about Commenting and Liking this – all my devices are on mute and so I will be oblivious.

Here’s how it works: when I’m inspired to write piece after piece after piece; rather than shoot them out all at once, I click on the little Calendar to the right of the Publish button. This allows me to tell WordPress exactly when to post the article, effectively spreading out my posts for maximum effect.

So this one, for example, was written at seven minutes to eleven in the night, but I’ve set it to appear as three in the morning. Amazeballs, right!

And here’s an added bonus – this gives me some nice comments to read in the morning as I eat my cereal.

So there you go – a new trick for you to practice. Have fun!


59 thoughts on “Shh – I’m Sleeping

    • I could have done with another hour, to be honest, but the cereal was good. Bran flakes with a smattering of cornflakes, then a shower of sunflower seeds, flaked brazil nuts, dates and a light dusting of granola. All with multi-grain milk courtesy of M&S. πŸ˜‰

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      • That seems like a lot of work so early in the morning. And I really could have used about 2 hours more sleep 😴 therefore my breakfast is going to consist of coffee with almond milk and just a squeeze of honey.

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      • Have you tried oat milk. It’s so much nicer than almond. πŸ™‚
        You know, I really should consider pre mixing these ingredients in a big bowl and just pouring it out. I’d probably have to give it a shake to stop small stuff from falling to the bottom, but …
        Or perhaps I could glue the seeds to the flakes somehow. Something sticky. Got any of that honey left, Karen? πŸ™‚

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      • Hi Robert ,
        I just found a recipe for making oat milk so I will give it a try !
        And simplifying the morning routine is just essential… so yes.. add honey and mix everything well, then just add your oat milk to the glob of cereal .. and boom.. you just bought yourself extra time to write another post!!

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