Freaking Me Out!

Okay, so it’s super hot in the office which means that all the windows are open and every desk has a fan on it. And the fans are running all the time.

This isn’t a problem, so long as they are not too close to me, but there’s this one particular fan, on the next desk over, has been freaking me out all week, and I’ve just realised why.

It’s one of those fans that rotate so that your granny can get 3 seconds of breeze, closely followed by your grandpa, favourite uncle, second favourite aunty and then (finally!), you.

Anyway – as this one rotates, it makes this really menacing noise, and it’s this that’s been working on my nerves – for three whole days now!

And, like I say – I’ve worked out why. I’ve figured out where I’ve heard that sound before.

Just play the following clip, from about ten seconds in, and you’ll know why I’m so freaked:

So picture the scene – here I am, in the office, with the distinct feeling that a homicidal robot from the future is going to burst through the wall at any second, beat the crap out of everyone in the room before leaving through the other wall. How bad is that!!

I have a strange feeling that this fan is going to mysteriously vanish overnight. Let’s see.


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