My Evening T20170720

Sometimes we are ugly and sometimes we are beautiful. But we are the same person beneath these passing states. Profound, yes?

Tonight I have a confession to make. I too am sometimes ugly. Yes, I know this is hard to believe when all I show you in these posts is my beautiful (albeit dull) side, but I assure you that I have been known to be angry, frustrated, sad and (whisper it) depressed.

Okay, enough confession for one night – on with the show!

I ate soupy rice. I read Get some Headspace by Andy Puddicombe (who must surely have taken up meditation to cope with all the stick he must have received at school for having such a ridiculous name. I mean, who calls themselves Andy these days!) I didn’t watch a movie. I listened to one and a half Ted talks including the excellent Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality by Anil Seth. And I thought about stuff.

It’s actually the thinking about stuff that is the most exciting thing about my evenings. All that stuff about how I read this, listen to thatΒ and watch the other is mere shadow-puppetry compared to the real life I live inside my own mind.

My truth is more about how I react to stuff than about the stuff itself. I guess that’s why I seem to have a dull life. Most of it is on the inside – out of sight of eyes and ears.

I reckon that should talk more about my metaphysical life in this kind of post.

Maybe I will do that.



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