Overheard Conversations #02

“In the freezer!”

(It wasn’t so much what this young woman said, it was the way she it, that instantly had me thinking of a body in her freezer. She was determined; forceful even, and yet she had the widest, most unnerving smile on her face that I ever saw. Creeped me out and pulled me in – both at the same time.)


17 thoughts on “Overheard Conversations #02

  1. Did you realize that your tags are almost longer than some of your articles? πŸ˜‰ please do continue this as it gives me yet another reason to stop by!
    I’m in the middle of reading a murder mystery and it appears to be death by peanuts. Yep. You heard correctly.

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  2. The cartoon would be a very unique twist in the storyline…
    the title of the novel is “Mr. Peanut” but the cover illustration is a partially cracked peanut shell and a Skelton face on the peanut inside, peeking out of the crack… no cute doghouses, pianos, fluffy yellow birds or red barons.

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  3. Woodstock stood behind his 5 cent psychology booth resting his wings on the counter when his first customer of the day walked up. It was non other than Charlie Brown himself. Woodstock sighed and thought to himself ” This guy is always down.”
    Charlie slid his nickel across the counter and began talking.
    ” I need to report a murder. I need to report it to you so you can report it to the police ”

    ” Is he serious?” wondered Woodstock . In the silence that followed Charlie started sweating. Then he spoke again. ” You see, it’s Lucy that is dead. I found her smashed under Schroeder’s piano”

    More silence.

    ” Everyone will suspect me because she was always picking on me” . He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he added, ” I had a motive.”

    Woodstock , contemplating on this confession-like chatter, tilted his head and hopped up on the counter to look Charlie directly in the eyes. He was wishing he had charged more for this conversation. He made a mental note to change his sign to 25 cents.

    ” I know what you’re thinking” shouted Charlie, thus interrupting Woodstock’s new sign design thoughts. ” Good grief, aren’t you listening?”

    Woodstock shed a few feathers as he hopped up and down on the counter.

    Charlie was calming down and lowered his head and kicked the dirt as he shrugged his shoulders and walked away.
    Defeated as usual. Knowing full well Woodstock would never tell the police he decided to investigate on his own, determined to clear his own name even before anyone else discovered Lucy missing….


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