10am Friday

A scan through my body (as part of an hourly minute of meditation (or maybe just mindfulness)) revealed:

  • Resentment in my cheeks
  • (the results of) Greed in my belly
  • Rain in my (right) big toe.

The sadness I was feeling an hour ago seems to have dissipated. The resentment is due to having to go on a call instead of recording this. The feeling in my belly is the fallout from a large breakfast. The big toe … I’m in denial.

Did quite a bit of work investigating a system I need to integrate with one of our systems. Looked at the front end and fixed an SYLK error on a CSV file and notified that to the owner of the system. Hope he is the kind of guy that’s happy with that kind of thing ’cause I need to establish a working relationship with him.

It’s interesting that I’m looking forward to the hourly meditation so much that I have to stop myself from doing it early. Perhaps I shouldn’t stop myself. Let’s see how that goes.



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