11am Friday

By the time the third hourly meditation minute rolled around I was in love with the idea that I was meditating before it even arrived. I sat and watched the seconds tick around to 11am so that I could ‘officially’ start, but I was already there.

The sadness, resentment, overfull feeling have all slipped away under the tide of (no word). This is a revelation. Sustained effort in being mindful (at least, so far) has been a game changer.

No work for the past hour because I’ve been on a ‘scrum call’, which is a call in which the team discuss work (without actually doing any). Plenty of time for feeling fine. Plenty of stuff to contribute in my mumbly-mumble fashion. Plenty of things for me to experiment with:

  • How to save an MS Excel file automatically on closure without using VBA
  • How to set up a data connection to a MS SQL Server in InfoPath
  • How to establish a good working relationship with a nerd.

I actually feel high right now.


One thought on “11am Friday

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