2pm Friday

I really must get quicker at this so I’m going to have to cut out sentences that don’t move the story forward, like this one. Meditation for a minute went swimmingly. The trawl through my body revealed the following:

  • My stomach is filling up again (because I’m eating lunch)
  • It is making me feel sleepy (why?)
  • I have a fractured feeling in my throat and lungs (I really need to breathe more deeply so perhaps I’ll have a go at pranayama)
  • There’s a tension between my eyes that makes me feel like I need more water
  • (no words) is that all the time – I just have to pay more attention to it.

Didn’t do any work for the past hour because it is lunchtime. On the menu today is a ‘crunchy salad’, half of an olive and feta salad, two sandwiched with dairy free spread and fake cheese (coconut based), a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, a banana, two small ‘easy-peel’ oranges andΒ a nakd cocoa delight (a raw fruit and nut bar). Too much? So why am I not getting fat!

Right – back to the trough,


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