3pm Friday

The world is definitely a better place for me being in it.

This is the thought that came to me as I finished this hour’s minute of meditation. It came from my (no words) space and I don’t think it had anything to do with ego, pride or conceit. Hardly likely to have anything to do with humility, but that’s how it feels.

My body check went as follows:

  • Keep your neck and back straight (with the answering thought but I’ll look like a plonker sat at my desk looking like I have a poker rammed up my … ahem, you know what)
  • Drink some water now – your fingers and thumbs don’t feel loose enough (did that).

And that was that for my body. Where the sadness went I do not know. Probably went on holiday with all those other negative emotions. I reckon, when I think about it now, that they were not emotional states at all. I think that they were more to do with the sugar content of my breakfast. Not that I sprinkled sugar on, or anything as gross as that, but that many types of processed food seem to be jammed full of that sweet poison.

The only work I did in the past hour was look further into that system that I’m supposed to be integrating into our system. Got an email back from the developer thanking me for fixing the CSV file and telling me he’d implemented my solution. Just tried it – no error message now – fab! That should give me an ‘in’ when I call him later. Plus – I think I found another error so that’ll give us something to talk about.

That’s it for another hour. Enjoy.


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