4pm Friday

And just as the beep sounded, someone arrived at my desk to ask me to fix their PC. I really did try to meditate for a minute, but my resolve lasted about five seconds. As soon as they started to explain the problem, my mind was away, away and a minute later I was stood on their desk pulling out and pushing in cables shouting ‘did that do anything?’

Needless to say, I made sure I caught up when I got back to my desk, but it just wasn’t the same.

The body scan revealed the following:

  • I have a bit of a restless leg syndrome thing going on (although I think that this is because I just read an article about it at KnowledgeFreaks
  • That focused feeling between my eyes is getting more focused as the day goes on (not exactly a pain, more a the feeling that I am frowning in the way that people frown when they are trying to concentrate
  • My belly is now full of food again.

None of these bodily feelings seems to translate into an emotion. But it’s interesting to think that if I were to associate, for example, a twitchy ear with, for example, paranoia, it follows that as soon as I got this feeling in my ear, for whatever reason, I would instantly say that I am feeling paranoid.

This then leads me to think that the bodily feelings I get when I eat a sugary breakfast have become associated in my mind with the emotion of sadness. Therefore, I probably wasn’t sad (or happy or depressed or peaceful) at all – I just had a feeling in my body that I interpreted incorrectly. Life is so wonderfully complicated.

Work? Still here at 18:22hr. Been on a phone call with one of the managers for the past couple of hours, Was working with the system I’m meant to be integrating with our system, but this phone call has superseded that.

Will tell you more in the next post.


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