7pm Friday

Is it evening yet?

The beep went off in M&S while I was cashing up. I tried to meditate, I did! But what with robots asking if I had scanned my Sparks Card and whether I wanted a receipt it was hard going. All I can tell you is that I feel alright. I might be hungry in a bit, but not quite yet.

From 6pm to 6.22pm I was working. From 6.22pm to 6.40pm I was catching up on my beeps, meditations, posts to this blog and my peeing. From 6.40pm I was exiting the (work) building and walking to M&S.

I’m now sat in a bench ‘talking’ to you. No Wi-Fi connection here so I’ll have to set my other phone as a hotspot and post using that.

There’s a comedy festival in York over the next week or two and so I looked at the programme. It starts tonight. Never heard of any of the cheap acts and the ones I’ve heard of are too dear (UK word for expensive). I think I’ll just go through the programme and see a bit of each on YouTube.

Over to my left is a busker crooning that I should take a load off fanny. I never did understand that song. Over to my right, that alarm has finally stopped, thank God! In front of me is my path home. Will I really get pizza on the way or not. I’ll let you know.



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