My Evening F20170721

This might be a random ramble so buckle up.

Twenty-first today and my birthday will be on the thirtieth. Eesh, another year has gone by and what have I achieved? A better job, more money, more personal freedom, a successful blog, more confidence as a writer (apart from the shite I turn out for the Open Uni course), a little red sports car in the offing, the freedom of not having my previous car for a whole year, more holidays, better friends, an interesting mind, a learning experience … enough, I’m starting to swerve into non-concretes. It’s been a good year actually, whichever way on.

Had a long and potentially stressful, but actually quite relaxed day at work and so I took the evening off. I picked up a pizza on the way home and ate it in a very few ginormous mouthfuls. I finished someone’s song in the street. I smiled and thanked the girl who held her dog back and she smiled back. I got home and immediately got out the computer.

And that’s where my day ended really. As soon as the laptop was in front of me, my interaction with everything beyond that screen ended. Even as I peeled my big, fat orange, my eyes were glued to the movie. As I ate it – glued. As I made a nice cup of tea – glued. As I typed this – glued.

I might as well go to bed now.I’m done.

I’m done.


25 thoughts on “My Evening F20170721

  1. I am the same age as you (we worked that one out, remember?) but I don’t have any of those things you have – the better job, more money… and that’s been bothering me for ages. So, this blog was a little sad for me and I’m sorry if you didn’t intend it to affect people that way. I DO have things to be thankful for and sometimes, I forget. But here I am on a Friday night/Saturday morning too and I get where you’re coming from, I think? I’m going to watch Goodfellas again for the eleventy-thousandth time.

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    • I know you get me. I’m just trying to cheer myself up in my usual cack-handed way. Despite having those ‘things’ I was still on my own on a Friday night. I need to get over myself I guess.
      Never watched Goodfellas – what’s so good about it that you watch it so often? 🙂


    • I kind of meant that I schedule them through the day. So if I have two ideas at the same time, I don’t post them ten minutes apart, I leave three hours between them. The only way that I schedule them over days is when I post one last thing at night so that it appears in the early hours of the next morning.
      I don’t really write enough to schedule them over days.
      Or perhaps you mean that I’m posting too many per day?

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