Well, that was an interesting experiment! I recorded my doings and beings, on an hourly basis, for today’s working hours. At the same time, I adhered to (when I could) an hourly meditation minute. All this was prompted by a beep from my phone every sixty minutes.

You can check back on my progress via these links:

The results were quite startling – even though the posts took up more time than I anticipated – sometimes up to 20 minutes, I was actually more productive than usual!

I think part of the reason for this was the hourly meditation. It really made me examine my feelings and emotions. I realised that rather than feeling sad (and needing chocolate or a quick ten minutes with my book) I wasย actually only feeling sensations in my body. What I thought was sorrow was no more important than a bit of gas. Hence I could allow myself to work instead of copping off (UKย expression for taking a longer break than is strictly necessary).

The other reason for being more productive was that part of the posts focused on recording what work I had done within the previous hour. This had the effect of making me ensure that I had some work to records. Consequently, I worked. Good, huh!

So there you go – a little experiment. Have you ever done anything like that? And if so, how did it go?


31 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. “What I thought was sorrow was no more important than a bit of gas.” Haha! An astute observation. That says so much about the mind-body connection, and shows how much our experience is based on interpretation. As for experimentation, have you ever visited David Cain’s blog (Raptitude: Getting Better at Being Human)? He’s got a section devoted to his experiments ( I visit his site regularly, and find his insights to be very useful for improving the quality of day-to-day existence.

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  2. First off, thanks for explaining your U.K. vocabulary. Very helpful.
    I think my blog is an experiment .. started off with a friend and our mutual goal of hiking the Colorado Trail. A place to record our progress. That in turn led me to want to explore more so I’d have something interesting to share. Life happened and our goal has been postponed. Since then I’ve gone kinda rogue on the blog and have been writing whatever comes to mind. You are the epitome of that. It’s exactly what you do on your blog and that’s why I’m drawn to it. Randomness is what keeps life interesting. A peek into someone else’s mind and life. New thoughts and ideas begin to emerge. Creativity sparked, emotions shared, connection, amusement, freedom, and introspective reflections.
    And apparently the desire to give very long comments.

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    • Hahaha – yes – the desire for long comments prevails! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Sometimes it feels like I’m masturbating. No, wait – stay with me here! What I mean is that I’m just writing for pleasure, but with no real aim apart from that. I am stroking my mind for the joy of it rather than … (metaphor breaking down here) … to make babies. But then again – the seed I’m spilling does not fall on the ground (or into a tissue), it goes (and comes) into the minds of others and … oh, actually – sorry about this, my metaphor has led me to … here, please – take a tissue.


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