Has It Really Happened?

If I experience something and don’t record it or otherwise tell anyone about it, and then I forget about it – has it really happened?

If the entire human race was swallowed up by the sun in a gigantic explosion without telling the universe about ourselves (apart from a wash of radio waves and a couple of spaceships that are never noticed in the vast hum-and-ha of space) have we really existed?

If this whole universe were switched off by a controlling finger, like a failed experiment, and then the notes were lost, would it matter what had gone on here?

If an ant were to walk into an old nest that had been killed by poison from my hand, would it matter, to that ant, that corpses littered the tunnels and caverns?

If a single particle were to traverse the universe from beginning to end and then streak through my brain at unimaginable speed (or is it velocity), would the thought, triggered by excitation of the neurons it passed through, have any more importance than … anything else? Anywhere? Ever?


45 thoughts on “Has It Really Happened?

  1. Yes, yes, yes, dunno, dunno.
    Nothing can ever be deleted from the Akashi records, even though many have tried through the ages. Is there a record keeper, you may ask? Good question. Gotta get back to you on that one.

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