My Evening S20170722

This round up of the evening seemed like a good idea when I started doing it. Creating aΒ space where I could talk about the events of my evening seemed like an easy thing to do. It was like a free pass. A free post. Nothing strenuous.

But now, having done it for a couple of weeks, I’m feeling kind of exposed. It’s revealed to me (and you) how monumentally boring I am.

Read another book – blah! Watched another movie – fla! Ate another meal – how boringly normal! Same things, over and over again.

I want to think that I am special. I had such dreams! So many things I wanted to achieve and places I wanted to go.

Actually, that’s a lie. I am, in fact, living up to my expectations of me. I always wanted to be a computer programmer (and I am), travel a bit (which I have), live safely and comfortably in a house (which I do). Hey, hey – I’m living the (my) dream!

What can I say? I actually enjoyed the movie. The book is good – it’s teaching me loads about meditation, which is excellent considering that I’ve been trying to calm and clear my mind since I was in my very early twenties. And the food was good and wholesome.

I have a …

But there I’ll stop. I’m just trying to cheer myself up (again).

I mean – it works, but …

Well, you know.

It’s enough.



22 thoughts on “My Evening S20170722

    • I suppose that’s a feature of my life too – I do a lot of stuff purely for my own pleasure. Although actually, when I think about it, I did wash the bathmats, clean the bathrooms, fix the light in the downstairs toilet and clean up after myself in and amongst the normal hedonistic pleasures of the day. πŸ™‚


  1. For what it’s worth, I think you’re anything BUT boring. Obviously, we define the word differently. To me, the most interesting stuff goes on in the mind. The actions you take are secondary to the activity in your mind. We all do a lot of the same things every day (eat, pee, sleep, etc.), so I find it brave of you to ‘expose’ yourself this way. What makes an evening interesting anyway? Diving from a high cliff into freezing water? No thanks. I’d rather read about it without feeling the water cut through my skin. It’s cool to experience that once in a while, but not on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

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