What Makes You Poo?

I just read an article that proposes that there is a certain substance that triggers a bowel movement. I think that there are other events and substances that also make this happen so I’m conducting this survey.

There’s just one question:

What are you generally doing just before you feel the need to head towards the loo for a bowel movement?

I personally think that …

Actually, no – I’ll tell you what I think afterwards. I don’t want to sway your mind and spoil the experiment.

You know where the comment box is – off you go.


29 thoughts on “What Makes You Poo?

  1. Getting a major fright (as in scared sh*tless, get it?). *audience boos me off stage*
    Interesting article – coffee does indeed promote bowel movements, but it’s not clockwork. Or so I’ve been told …

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