Best T-Shirts Ever – The Background

For some reason, WordPress seems to have published a post twice, so what I’ve done is edit this one so that it is different.

In this version, I reveal the background to the original post and then rescheduled this one, to appear sometime in my future, which is your past.

What happened was that I was walking through town, and I saw this guy – looked like he was from Italy or Costa Rica or somewhere where the guys are more golden than they are here in the UK. The logo on his purplish t-shirt caught my eye:

Porn Kills Love

Obviously, this isn’t the original model – this picture was borrowed from Annamaria.

As I was still trying to digest the information contained in the logo, I passed a lady in a scanty top whose image could have passed as an example of the aforementioned porn if it had been captured and confined to a web page or (as they used to do it back in the day) the pages of a top-shelf magazine.

I thought this was kind of ironic so I wrote a post, which was really a joke about the first person and the second person both wearing t-shirts. The first was, but the second wasn’t. Her body really did wiggle and jiggle (and possibly tickle) inside her clothes rather than appear on a wearable screen on her chest.


So there you go – the background to the best t-shirts ever!!


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