Dunkirk_Film_posterThis movie is intense. You get a real sense of the impact of the events at Dunkirk on individual minds. The bravery is shown. The fragility of human nature is here. The heroism of small deeds is portrayed. The tragedy of the effect of war on the human psyche is revealed. Cleanly and clearly.

The scale of what happened at Dunkirk is not shown clearly enough. It is told. Numbers are bandied about. But it is not shown in the way that the movie Saving Private Ryan did in that first scene on the beach at Omaha. Perhaps the makers of Dunkirk didn’t have the budget to show that 700 private boats and 4000,000 people. Or maybe I got it wrong and this movie did show the true picture.

This was a well-done account of the few and the effect they had at Dunkirk. Multiply those few into the whole of the war and you get the idea of what went on. Definitely worth a watch. Just not quite as epic as the reviews would have you believe.


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