Changing My Ways (Again)

I have found a new appetite for meditation and mindfulness. It’s really affecting the way I feel in a very positive way. A growing awareness of my thoughts, emotions and sensations has …

Oh, I can’t carry on writing like that. It makes me feel pompous and puffed up with self importance. Really, the only thing I’m changing is this:

  • A beep on my phone every hour that prompts me to meditate if I’m able to,Β or be more mindful if I can’t
  • More awareness of my thoughts and stuff as a result of the above
  • A sense of purpose in my life.

That’s it really. Nothing ground-breaking. I’ve been here before and seen all my new found resolution turn to dust. I’ll probably continue this for a while and then stop. And then, after a while, I’ll start again.

Not to say that I don’t feel good, because I do. Meditation and mindfulness are excellent ways to set aside stress and move into a happier frame of mind more easily.

I like to think that I’m ratcheting up the scale of ‘enlightenment’ and that each of these periods in my life inches me closer to being a better person. But let’s see. Time will tell.


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