Chicken and Chips

Bought some corn chips in Germany and they were foul. The rest of the packet has been sitting in the cupboard for the longest time. No-one wants to eat them.

When sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons, magpies, robins and other feathered critters come into the garden to eat worms, berries, stale bread or other types of bird food, the joke is that they are ‘chickens’. Food is sometimes put out for the chickens.

Today, in the garden, you can see Chicken and Chips. *giggle*

Aw, c’mon – I thought it was funny!



46 thoughts on “Chicken and Chips

  1. Bye bye birdies, sorry I gave you stale food that might sit in your stomach like concrete. Robert loves you…
    (No idea what the chips will do them, maybe they’ll decorate your house with the results)

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