Buddha apparently didn’t want women to join the order and become Buddhists (although I’m sure they weren’t called that then) because he said it would cause the teachings to die out hundreds of years sooner.

Perhaps the fact that he relented and allowed women into the Sangha did set Buddhism back, but I think that grunge set it back even further. Even now, almost a quarter of a century since the death of Cobain, I can’t think of nirvana without Nirvana coming to mind.

Try searching for nirvana on Google (other massive multi-national conglomerates are available) and you will notice that Buddhism only features once in the top ten. Most of the other slots are taken by “one of the most influential and important alternative bands in history” (Wikipedia).

But even so, I’ve been thinking about the state of nirvana a lot recently. I’ve been getting a sense of that emptiness that lies beneath and beyond my thoughts, emotions and sensations.

These disturbances (aka thoughts) used to run wild through me; but not so much these days. It’s taken a while, but I might finally be getting a slight tinge of the trailing skirt of a faint sense of what it is like to be ‘blown out’ (as in an oil lamp).

I can’t claim to have reached a state of anything like perfect quietude or freedom from the bonds of corporeality, much less a state of highest happiness, but slowly, slowly – I’m heading in that direction.

And it feels nice.


56 thoughts on “Nirvana

    • During Buddha Shakyamuni’s time it was harder for women to attain Complete Enlightenment because of the state of society as at that time. But we are now the luckiest generation to live in this new Aquarian Age, well explained by the Buddha to his faithful and inflexibly loyal disciples before his mahanirvana. In this day and age no woman will have an excuse as not to attain Nirvana because all the doors are open now thanks to the drastically improvement of the external conditions.

      But as in any attainment preconditions have to exist. How much intensity in your introspection are you ready to devote?

      Thanks for your sincere inquisitiveness. That’s the easiest path to get ‘There’.

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      • I’m not sure if you’re talking to me or Magarisa (or both), Philip. Either way, I’m happy to meet you and more than happy to talk about the finer points of Buddhist philosophy.
        Kindness – Robert.

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      • I was talking to you, because its your merit that turned the wheel of this Great Conversation, too. Am most glad to share these finer details of the pure dharma as transmitted to us by the Order of the Buddhas in the past. And now we have an immense responsibility first, to use it for our own Nirvana and if singled out to become bodhisattvas go forth and teach others for their own good and for the bigger good of the world now and in the distant future.

        Come to contemplate about it, the math adds up. Buddha Shakyamuni taught us as a result of experiencing the Ultimate that becomes hard for other men/women to have the mental faculties to propound.

        Hence after many kalpas, a Buddha always shows up, but does not appear everywhere and doesn’t become cognizable to every Tom, Dick and Harry but those who have become prepared by their own karma of past deeds get to meet him to receive special instruction of their awakening.

        With Love,

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      • Thanks, Phil. Compassion should be the basis of all our acts here. Salvation of all sentient beings is a higher path than our own personal salvation (which will come naturally anyway when we resolve to save all others).

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      • When the resolve sets in, Nirvana also sets it. These are dynamics well understood by the wise men of many years ago, concepts that have become forgotten in this civilization due to over-focus on material progress while disregarding the immortal part of our souls.

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    • Work is not an excuse not to attain enlightenment, haha, I also work like a donkey and I can profess and propound the purest dharma because the inner should not be seen to incongruent with the outer.

      If you need to get better centred in that part in the soul that brings the perfect enlightenment then you must be able to attain insightful meditation in your daily doings. This is why Buddha promised to send his very best of his own followers, Ajita, to turn the wheel of the Dharma and propound the Knowledge of Nirvana again; as a promise for the seeds of enlightenment he and the other Buddhas planted in people who must get in this day and age because their past preparedness and purity of actions have duly and truly prepared them. They have become like low-hanging fruits of enlightenment.


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      • Need to finish that thought about Mettéya. He to come and propound the wisdom to those Buddha’s disciples who shall have kept the precepts he taught but became stuck due to lack of a credible and genuine Guide. The monastic life shall never be necessary again, it shall have to become integrated into modern life and work.

        It shall be fun, this much I can promise. Example: Staring at a poisonously pretty woman a good practicer of dharma shall get enlightened.

        Haha, another one for, these metaphors never seem to end: Presenting a board paper to the executive committee in the board, a sincere keeper of the precepts shall attain transcendental wisdom…

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      • Your sincerity causes me to want to smile. Ajita is his past name as a bodhisattva, as he toured from Teacher to Teacher. He is not of a future dispensation, as most would be inclined to imagine because he is already here now.
        I thing I revere about Siddhartha is the accuracy of his prophecies and Teaching. He shall always be the highest peak of nirvana ever attained.
        Namaste and thanks.

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      • I read that Maitreya (referred to as Ajita Bodhisattva) will be a successor of the historic Śākyamuni Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha) and is foretold as a future Buddha of this World?
        If he is here now, where might I find him?
        Kind regards – Robert.

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      • Haha, the question is not about where to find him but how to find find him. Your inner climate determines a lot as the Buddha always taught his disciples.

        Maitreya is luckier than his predecessor in that he has the advantage of technology, and by the virtue of your determination alone that’s how he will find you.

        So if I was you I would rephrase that question as: How can he find me?

        With much regards,

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