New WordPress Blog

Just had an idea for a WordPress blog – one that that is dedicated to good news. I’ll search for all the latest uplifting articles and posts on WordPress and the Ted Talks site etc. and re-blog them.

Should be an easy way to share positivity with the world, right?

Now, what shall I call it …


48 thoughts on “New WordPress Blog

  1. How about ‘Positively Charged’? ‘Up Your …’ – oops, that’s no good. ‘The Good and the Beautiful’? ‘Souly Positive’? Sorry, Robert. That’s all I’ve got now. (Turning off WiFi and mobile data now. Data running out in 3 … 2 …)

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  2. Your name expresses everything, simplicity, not that you’re simple, is everything, calling it Bob, like this is me, this is who I am, I don’t need gimmicks, listen to me.
    Or you could go the opposite way and call it… Relish Or Bemoan… or similar… use the letters of your name…

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