Not Flustered

Here’s how I’m cutting down on my fluster factor:

  • Taking my heavy denims and socks before sitting on the bed to type this
  • Telling myself that if I don’t think about it then it can’t get to me at all
  • Switching off that gosh darned awful Chillout Classics album – blech!
  • Ignoring the sticky feeling that’s coating my body from head to toe
  • Trying to ease that frown from my forehead where it’s been sat
  • Looking around the room and finding nothing to worry about
  • Telling the tension on my shoulders and back to shut up
  • Checking that everything has been done – and it has
  • Stopping typing to do some cool meditation now.

17 thoughts on “Not Flustered

  1. 1. Happy Birthday. Hope you got cake.
    2. You’re not alone. We’re all as mad as you. Writers that is. Me, I’m totally barking. You, my friend, have a long way to go before you reach my higher echelons of insanity.
    3. Is there a 3?
    4. Could be worse. You could have an assignment due in.

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