Unknown Causes

In olden days
They didn’t know
The names of things,
Like how you go
To afterlives
And other realms,
No complex words
To overwhelm.
Malignant this,
Cerebro that,
Those longer words
Like nephropat
Were not around
For them to use,
So they just used
The simple cues.
And that is why
In olden days;
Those simple time
With easy ways,
They only said:
He died of death.
A dearth of bread.
A lack of breath.


26 thoughts on “Unknown Causes

    • Well, if you don’t know about respiratory syncytial virus or coronaviruses or rhinoviruses or parainfluenza viruses or adenoviruses then I guess it all seems like the patient ran out of breath. Probably.
      Here’s hoping we never get. πŸ™‚

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