How To Escape

to my ears – Massive Attack.
on my eyes – Keyboard & Screen
in my mind – a world of strawberry sunshine and fields that stretch on into a golden haze that chews all world and time into something that becomes something that it was not and now is.
and if you think that doesn’t make sense then you’re listening with the wrong language.

Odd though that the best description I have of otherworldliness is filled with concrete images from this world. All that is indescribable still borrows lines from that which is mundane and describable.

Any attempt to escape from description would either involve not writing and then referring you to the blank page.

How would that work?

Here’s a view of perfection:


How was it for you?


26 thoughts on “How To Escape

  1. Escaping description! That’s impossible. Once, a cousin of mine read a story by me and said that it was nothing but a furniture advertisement and it was boring. But still I love descriptions, as if the story is happening right in front of your eyes, more vivid than a movie, and you can feel everything.

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  2. Where is this world of strawberry sunshine? 🍓🔆😎
    Yes, descriptions take us away from the here and now. I don’t need any tips on how to escape … it’s something I do constantly anyway. 😉

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