me and my bong

there’s something a wrong
with me and my bong
i can’t seem to get
a high from it yet

i could in the past
we both had a blast
but now something’s wrong
with me and my bong

let pleasure come soon
like spermatozoon
my bong would be right
if i felt good tonight

this rhyme lacks an end
i need you to send
a last line that’s deep
… and just let me sleep (Magarisa)
… my bong’s off to sleep (Magarisa)
… while I fall asleep (Dee)
…Β i need to bang a gong but something is wrong (House of Heart)
… at morning, alarm will beep (The Veiled Facet)
… before my brain does seep (Jacki Draycott)

Thanks very much for your contributions! πŸ˜€


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